Tokyo Disneyland: Electrical Parade Dreamlights

By Cubie - March 19, 2011

Read: On my previous post, I was undecided and not sure if I should continue to further publish posts on Japan, afraid that I am rubbing salt on wound. So I postponed a few of my scheduled posts. On one hand, I thought it would be good to show my support but on the other hand, am I rubbing salt on wound?

... till I read this post, which I initially found from here. So here I am... resuming my posts on Japan.

Here, on this post from Todd's Wanderings - he is organizing an ongoing Blog for Japan Event that will raise money for victims of the tsunami in Japan. You can participate by writing a blog post, sharing posts with friends, or just donating by clicking on the this link to get to his post.

I have not been to Fukushima Prefecture yet, though it was in the list of the places that I want to visit. In fact, it in the invisible list of places to visit in my next trip (whenever that is).


People who wished to watch the parade are to sit down if you were on the front, so its good for shorty like me... especially when I was in the front on the standing line. I love my joby and camera :) it's awesome

Side note: Minnie and Mickey spoke Cantonese in HK, and they were fluent in Nihongo in Japan :P

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