To the less cold Tokyo - comparatively

By Cubie - March 09, 2011

Train from Yudanaka brought us to Tokyo Station. Getting from Tokyo train station to this bus stop was no easy feat.

I wont go into details as to which bus and which stop to get down from, cos.. as we reached the hostel, my heart sank. The hostel looked alright but the scene where all the hostels guest holding a laptop looking up and did not look friendly was not welcoming at all - at least not to me. There was not only a few but quite a number of them. My guess was the wifi wasn't working in the room, they need to potter around the lounge around to get internet access.

Bad news - we need to stay for 5 nights. But as we checked in... we realised we were at the wrong hostel. Haha.. despite the fact that we have to travel more, I was happy. :P

As the day is getting darker and much travelling done, we decided to share a cab to the correct hostel. It was said to be the easiest way anyway, according to the lady at the reception. The taxi driver got a little lost as the lane where the hostel located was "no entry" for cars. Despite the fare gone up more than the initial 710 yen, the driver only charged us 710 yen. I reckon it was due to the fact that he missed the turning. Honest driver, in Malaysia? Pretty sure they would just charged accordingly.

We were at K's House Tokyo... but we made booking at Quality Hostel K's House Tokyo Oasis. Anyway, I much prefer Quality Hostel K's House Tokyo Oasis. Good location, nice hostel... the only thing was it is nowhere near any JR train station. So, had to pay 200 yen for single trip on Tsukuba Express. The station for Asakusa (Tsukuba) was however, just around the corner. Our usual route was from here to Akihabara and transferred to JR line.

When we checked in, there were some people watching Kiki's Delivery Service in the lounge room :P

Wifi wasn't strong in the room... at least the one we were in. Sometimes undetected.

My bed was the bottom of the bunk bed... and gave me a little "souvenir" every night - cos I seem to knock on head against the bed every single night.

I just have to put this up. This shampoo and body shampoo was provided in the bathroom, and the shampoo was very good. It doesn't give the hair-stripped off feel even without conditioner but I can't seem to find it on sale anywhere. Unfortunately Tokyo is not my last stop, and I don't fancy lugging another 400 ml (on top of the 300 ml of sake) around.

Our dinner that night, was just at a nearby eatery - Matsuya. I had kare raisu, with salad and soup.

Side note: Hope I have a good night sleep tonight...

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