Jigokudani Yaenkoen: Snow Monkeys

By Cubie - March 07, 2011

It was not easy to get frontal view of the monkeys, they seem to have mastered the skill of dodging cameras. A lot of photographers with kick ass cameras were there.

Anyway, here are just some shots. We were there for a couple of hours, with one hand alternating between pressing the shutter button and then warmed it in the jacket pocket, the other of course protected with glove. It was already cold but it got colder as it started to snow.

There were heaps of them but I won't bored you by posting all of it.. so :P

This was the second last shot I took before we decided that it was too cold to continue and we had been there for a while.

See this monkey was alright for me to take picture.. but as I tried to take another shot, it suddenly tried to reach up to grab my camera.

It was strange cos I have not done anything to provoke it. When I looked behind me, there was a male teenager provoking the monkey by showing that he was going to hit the monkey with a hiking stick. He even laughed and continue to provoke the monkey. Speaking about silly boy, this one not only silly, I would say he is mean too. Baka desu.

Side note: A year ago we made plans to see the snow monkeys. A year later, I have visited them... without you.

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