Odaiba: Of Fuji TV and sushi dinner

By Cubie - March 26, 2011

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I was late getting to Shinbashi, where I was to meet my friend at the Ginza exit. He said that we were to meet there as we need to change to Yurikamome line at Shinbashi and get on a monorail. Think I must have got the dialing code wrong cos the text message I sent out failed, but luckily I could call him to told him that I would be late... bad me :(

After I bought the monorail tickets (return 620 yen), friend got his card, we went on to board the monorail. Despite the doors were all opened but friend walked all the way to the front. I blindly followed. As monorail started to move, I understand the reason - the view. :)

Unfortunately, after 2 snaps, the battery went flat. The battery sign was already blinking when I was in Studio Ghibli, but bad timing.

So I fished out my old ixus...

As fate has it, after a couple of shot, the memory card in old ixus was full. As it was an older version of ixus, it could only take up a 4G SD card (maximum), the one in my other camera was 8G. As I expected that (just didnt expect it would happen it would happen on a monorail), I borrowed Moo Moo Gal's spare camera - another ixus but newer version. So the pictures in this short trip to Odaiba were taken using 3 different cameras. Haha.

Friend was going to bring me to Fuji Tv observation deck, last entry at 6pm, entry fee of 500 yen.

Somehow this blue doggie, Rafukun (Fuji TV's mascot) reminded me of snoopy. Shrug.

Some photos taken from the observatory deck. Sun was setting. :)

Sun has set. We weren't there that long, just before and after sun set was pretty fast. That bridge there... Rainbow Bridge. I remembered when I first saw it when I was on a bus towards Narita Airport when my first trip to Tokyo, it did have some colours but somehow now it's all white. Hmm...

There was also some exhibition of photo on Fuji TV artistes or hosts for variety shows, but photos on those were prohibited. We then walked a bit in the Fuji TV building, there were some shops selling merchandise, and I bought a medallion on Chopper. Friend said at current, One Piece is the most popular anime in Japan.

Leaving the Fuji TV building via escalator lighted up with flourescent colour lights.

We then wandered around for a bit, and visited the Statue of Liberty.

It was then getting pretty windy, it was a winter night after all. I was all bundled up with my big puffy jacket that make me appeared clumsy but friend was casually only wearing his wind breaker = ="" At this time, he said it was getting cold, and blamed it on the location of Odaiba, near to the waters... right...

So we went inside one of the building, and friend bought me dinner. I had sushi for dinner :)
ありがとう ございます!Still no Tsukiji Market this round but compensated with sushi, said same as Tsukiji?

Of course I could start eating as the chef made the sushi... but I wanted to take a picture, so I waited :P

After main meal, friend introduced me to dagashi (dictionary translate it as cheap sweets). He said he used to have them when he was a kiddie.

This is cuttlefish snack, small square pieces, a bit sour but pretty good snack.

And these like are the regular junkfood type, but in long shape. Comes in different flavours.

Overall, I think Odaiba is a little too touristy, but then hey, after all it's a new place for me to explore :)

Side note: Craving for omuraisu...

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