Getting to Yudanaka

By Cubie - March 01, 2011

We left Pongyi in the morning, after a simple breakkie - the usual bun and tea or coffee.

This green tea was bought from DONQ bakery in Forus Building. Simple and yummy.

Masaki san helped us to bring up our luggage to the room, but we brought it down ourselves. And yes, we were very careful and make sure we didn't spoil the tatami mats.

When we checked out of Pongyi, it was snowing heavily. We were suppose to take the Hakutaka 7 at 9.13am to Naoetsu. What we didn't expect was... train not running till 11.16am to Naoetsu. With our poor nihongo, we somehow manage to understand that train was unable to run due to heavy snowfall... and may resumed at 11.16am. We were told to reconfirm at 10ish if the train would be running. The 2 JR train staffs we spoke to, were very helpful and friendly, also tried to provide alternative routes to get to Yudanaka. Thank you. (Note: Train from Nagano to Yudanaka is via a private line, not JR)
To kill the time, we had breakkie, round 2.. at DONQ. I had a toast set with coffee, 420 yen.

I was happy when the train to Naoetsu at 11.16am was confirmed, however it was delayed for about 25 minutes. The train brought us to Naoetsu, and we were suppose to board another train in Naoetsu to Nagano. However that train did not run and we switched to bus, all the way to Kurohime. At this time, nature has been calling... urgently. Another reason why I prefer trains.

We were suppose to reach Yudanaka itself at noon-ish, but it was already evening when we reached Nagano. At this time we had not had lunch. Luckily we had breakkie round 2... and a bun in the bag as snack. See how important it is to have emergency food supply :P

Side note: Guess I'll have an early night tonight...

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