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By Cubie - March 24, 2011

Read: Finally received the notification email from Todd's Wandering post on his experience during the earthquake and howe we could help. Here's the link if you would like to pledge for help. :)


Lunch at Straw Hat Cafe! Not sure if I'm the only one excited, feel kind of bad if Moo Moo Gal and Ms Mo only obliged cos I so excited about going :-S

Silhouette of Kiki welcoming us...

Menu board - carried by Pocco Rosso character.

It was a rather long wait to get in. The cafe arranged some chairs in a big circle for those in the waiting line to sit on. Technically, that was the waiting line. So each time some guests went in the cafe, the rest will move forward and sit on the chairs emptied earlier. I reckon we probably was in line for at least 45 mins.

Picture taken from the waiting area
There was a quicker option if you are really hungry or did not want to wait. Next to the cafe, are hotdogs and hot snacks on sale, for takeaway.

While waiting, we were given menu to browse and pick what we want to order.

Waiting for our order to be served... pictures are not allowed in the restaurant, exception to the food served to us. So no pictures of the restaurant. We were seated at the bench, overlooking the barista preparing coffee, tea and cold drinks, also where they prepare the cake before serving :P

I had Straw Hat Omelette filled with rice. It was served on a Totoro plate, each Totoro was carrying a number. 10 Totoro around the plate, and 2 more at the center. There was a 'flag' stuck in the omuraisu, mine was a plane from Pocco Rosso.

It was yummy, and I tried to eat it slowly, so it last longer. However as expected, the price was higher comparatively, at 1,000 yen. The one I had in Nishiki Market, Kyoto was 650 yen. Though it was a totally different version from the picture posted in this website where I initially wanted to scout out the shop in Tokyo.

For dessert, we shared a strawberry short cake (790 yen). This one has a 'flag' of Ponyo. There is 4 different types of 'flag', there were 3 of us, and each of us got a different flag on our rice (coincidentally, all 3 of us fancy having the omelette rice :p). The waitress who served us was really kind, she checked our earlier 'flag' and note we havent had this Ponyo one yet, so she put this on the cake :)

I like this cake, hmm... light and fresh with strawberries in between. Think Ms Mo doesnt quite like it though.. can't remember what she commented though.

Ms Mo also ordered a hot choc and Moo Moo Gal had black coffee. I didn't feel like having coffee/tea at that time, so I only had water.

But if you order coffee with milk - coffee latte or such, the barista would draw a picture of straw hat with chocolate on the milk :) [I sneaked a picture]
And according to the description, it is said that if you ordered cold drinks, the straw given is really made from straw.

By the time we left Studio Ghibli, it has passed 3pm... and I was suppose to meet a friend at 4 in Ginza station. Uggh... Maybe I should've picked Shibuya instead. (I was given the choice between Shibuya or Odaiba, but I havent been to Odaiba so friend said let's go there... ). Mitaka was far... and I was late :(

Side note: Mamma Aiuto souvenir shop probably get most money from me.. lol

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  1. OMG.... I have to go to japan!!! love your travelogues!!!

  2. lol... Nite, have u been calling my snake sista, Ms Moo as in Moo the cow? Or it's just typo? I thought it's Ms. Mo as in the 3 Stooges Mo.

  3. @Kimmie - thank you thank you. I love Japan...

    @Little P - hehe.. i must've blur blur link both.. haha.. amended.. thankee :P