Kawaguchiko: the majestic Fuji-san

By Cubie - March 10, 2011

We spent 5 nights in Tokyo, giving us 4 full days as Moo Moo gal and Ms Mo travelled back to Singapore early morning on the 5th day from Narita Airport... whereas I backtracked to Kyoto as my flight back to Sydney was from Kansai Airport.

Logically thinking, we tried not to do day trip away from Tokyo the day before flight. That was something I learned... just in case. So off we went to Kawaguchiko on our first full day in Tokyo, the next was spent in Disneyland, followed by terrorizing exploring Tokyo the remaining days.

Our initial plan was to catch the JR train from Shinjuku to Otsuki, then transfer to Kawaguchiko. Given that we have the JR pass, it would cost us about 1,110 yen for the second leg. However the timing wasn't too good for us at that time, and for convenience, we opted for the bus, despite a little more pricey.. also departing from Shinjuku.

Shinjuku, reminded me much about my first trip to Tokyo. At that time, I was amazed with things I remembered... and I got memory of a gold fish.

Don't know why but somehow everytime I was in the bus in Japan, I feel asleep. Likewise this bus ride. I was woken up by the 2 ladies seated behind me, chatting away excitedly. I can't recall the exactly conversation but it was along the line where they were chatting about views in Japan that they like. I was fuzzy as well. Then it was followed with an even more excited, "すごい!すごい!" I opened my eyes and peeped out of the curtains.

This... was what I saw.. :) I echoed the すごい

I woke up instantly. No longer fuzzy. I quote from a friend, this "ice cream" totally beautiful.

to Mount Fuji
The bus stopped at the side of Gateway Fujiyama. We got off the bus, refreshed ourselves a little... and its time for lunch! :P

This was what I had - houtou. Houtou (according to the introduction in the food court - miso pumpkin stew) is the local specialty of Yamanashi prefecture. I like it, also giving a variation from the usual udon and soba. I think the texture is a little similar to pan mee.

After lunch, we stopped by the tourist info next door, asked about getting around Kawaguchiko and recommended viewing point.

We walked to our first planned stop and would get the bus from there - Funatsu-hama Onsengai... where there were duckie paddle boats.

It reminded me of this... and some little poem along the lines of Mount Fuji, and those lines from Forensic Heroes II - 我曾经快乐过。

Picture not taken by me
We bought the 2 day retro bus ticket for 1,000 yen which worked out to be much worth than a single trip ticket though I cannot remember how much one trip cost. However we hopped on/off a couple of times, so it was much worth it.

This is how the little bus looked like. There was a bigger bus, and the driver for that bus is friendlier :P

The lady in the tourist info centre recommended 2 viewing spot to see Fuji-san. 1st one being Kozantei Ubuya mae (stop no 14) while the other - Kawaguchiko Shizen Seikatsu-kan (stop no 21)

This was taken from Kozantei Ubuya mae. There wasn't much at this stop, along the way were some hotels. So, if you stayed at one of those hotels, guess from some of the rooms, you will see this view. Reckon the price isn't cheap... with a full view of Fuji-san.

And from Kawaguchiko Shizen Seikatsu-kan...

Around the area looked like there was a mini garden, so I think different season will give a different sort of picture.

Side note: Had facial for the first time.. lol...

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