Night walk in Asakusa

By Cubie - March 30, 2011

Read: I'm going to be cheong hei here. Here's the link on How to Help Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Survivors again from Todd's Wanderings.


I went back to the hostel and didn't see Moo Moo Gal and Ms Mo's shoes in the front. They were not back yet. I hang around in the hostel for a while but I have no keys to go in to the room, so I thought I'll go out for a walk. It was already 10pm at that time. So you see - shopaholics in action.

So I walked out of hostel, turned to Shin Nakamise Shopping Street, onward to Nakamise Shopping Street, to Sensoji Temple. A very short walk after turning right from Quality Hostel K House, I saw Family Mart. Haha.. to think that I walkabout Akiba and also went into Family Mart to buy a bun. :P

Pachinko... I didnt go in.

The shopping street is quiet at night, such contrast from during daytime.

I turned in to Nakamise Shopping Street, but at the crossroad between Kaminarimon and Sensoji Temple.

5 storey pagoda after the main gate to Sensoji Temple.

The gate from the inside...

Omikuji at Sensoji Temple

Don't know what overcame to me that day, must be having a blur moment that I didn't walk towards the Kaminarimon to take a picture of the famous gate = ="

It was closed to 11pm then, I reckon the 2 shophaholics should have returned to base. So I made my way back.

Side note: Where to next?

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