Kawaguchiko: Around Yamanashi Hoseki Hakubutsukan stop

By Cubie - March 11, 2011

I bought this rare choucream thingy from the building at Kawaguchiko Shizen Seikatsu-kan. Hmm.. its a little too hard to bite, suspect has been in the fridge wayyy too long? Its like ice-cream in a bun but not the nicest, not exactly borderline to nice either... just ok.. but much ok after I got off the bus at Yamanashi Hoseki Hakubutsukan Kawaguchiko (stop no. 8). It was like this... I had a couple of bites, then the bus came. I got on the bus and it felt strange eating in that little bus with people standing around. So I held on to it till we got off the bus. It was less hard then, but the taste just so so.

Our main reason to have a stopover at this station was to visit Happy Days Museum... but kind of got distracted with Anpaman across the street.

Then stopby this shop selling gems. I didn't get any but I think Ms Moo bought something.

By the time we finished fluffing around shooting pictures and checking out the shops, we continued on to this museum.

Unfortunately the display area were closed by that time, we only get to see the front end and the museum shop. :(

Tin toys on display...

... and I got myself a t-shirt :D
Was worry I can't fit in... but it's all good :P (*whisper*: I know.. its pink)

By the time we left Happy Days Museum, it was getting dark...fast.

There's a Herb Centre across the street

... and we thought we missed the last bus to the station to catch the bus back. The last bus is at 5ish, depending on which station you are at. So the plan was we walked back to the station. So along the way, we still try to take pictures :P

more manhole!
But, we were in luck. We saw the bigger bus coming on the opposite side of the road, and it was red light then. We crossed the road and the bus stopped for us :)

Got a bus and back to Shinjuku thereafter. Time for dinner... and we tried out KFC in Shinjuku. Strangely enough, I think McDonalds generally taste better around the globe but KFC... chotto...

I had 酱だれチキンサンド

And... I think Sydney should have Uniqlo.. then I wont be spending so much in Uniqlo in Japan... cos I would be able to buy them readily. So you see.. I went in to Uniqlo and came out with 2 fleece long sleeve shirts, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 t-shirt and a belt. Sydney definitely should have Uniqlo.

Side note: That day I learned in class that in Japanese wedding, if you are to give money as gift, it should be in odd number (to indicate that cannot be separated).. like 10,000yen, 30,000 yen, etc but not 90,000 yen due to sound similar to "苦"

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