Night in Yudanaka

By Cubie - March 04, 2011

We were hungry by the time we reached Nagano station. After the long travelling day, for once we were in some luck. We were in time for the next train to Yudanaka, in terms of a few minutes, but we were in time. Moo moo gal and Ms Mo had already walked briskly towards the waiting train, but I was walking next to an elderly lady who happened to be in the same lift with us earlier. The elderly lady wanted to make small talk when i was worry of missing the train but grin, how could I turned down chatting with her... :P It turned out that the elderly lady was also heading to Yudanaka. ;)

It was getting really dark at that time, despite still at early evening. It was still snowing when we got off the train. The aim now was to look for the ryokan we booked in, dropped the bag.. and had a very good dinner, to made up for lunch as well.

So, obviously the picture of the ryokan - Shimaya Ryokan was taken the next day as it was night time when we checked in. Futon ready made, it was a big room with a separate table for tea. Also, we had a little free upgrade, the room we booked was without private bathroom but were given a room with one. Moo moo gal said she overheard that we were given a room at a lower floor cos of our heavy luggage. How thoughtful and kind :)

We then asked the helpful owner for recommendation of a dinner place, a very important criteria was, it has to be near.

So we settled for Yamaguchiya, which was behind Shimaya Ryokan :)

For a moment, I was afraid that it was not open as there were no customer in the shop at that moment... but all was good :P

The interior of the shop - homely, cosy feel. I really like this kind of shop. :)

Our choice of food - Katsu, katsu sauce and nabe yaki. Very fulfilling and warm dinner. Perfect for cold winter night. We shared among the 3 of us.

Up close of the food...

We stayed till the lady in the shop told us that they were closing... and no, we did not linger till 11.00pm... as according to the pamplet that was the closing time. We then had our routine kombini-shopping before returning back to the ryokan.

... and I had my first onsen experience :) Shimaya Ryokan has Natural Japanese style hot spring... but no pictures :( I forgot my camera... likewise of the ofuro :(

Side note: Wonder what's with the TV program today - it was The Brides War followed by Wedding Date... have they move Valentines's Day to 4th March?

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