Yummy dinner and night time in Shirakawa-go

By Cubie - February 25, 2011

We booked for room with breakfast and dinner in Koemon, especially after reading that shops are closed early in this little beautiful town. It's winter after all, sky get dark earlier.

That was a long awaited dinner, cos it was much different from our regular meal. Dinner, of course included the local specialty of hida beef with vegetables and miso. Very, very delicious.

Of course, that was not all. Here's the whole spread.

Hida beef with miso and vegetables, salt-grilled fish, tempura, soup, tsukemono... :)
And I finished all of it *yummy meal makes happy me*

As we had our dinner, our beds were being made.

Comforter cover with the "hole" side up
There are no private bath in Koemon, and allocated time for bath is set at 5pm to 9pm. There were 2 public bath available. At 5 pm, they will ring the bell to indicate the beginning of bath time. When we were there, there was only another couple staying in the minshuku. Right after dinner, Miss Mo went for bath while Moo Moo Gal and I decided to see how the little town is at night :P

We each brought along a little torch, on loan from Koemon. It was dark, we didn't wander far but played a little short while outside of Koemon, under street light. As we were playing, I heard a honk. As I turned to look, the driver indicated to me that I dropped my glove. :) I'm grateful. Thank you.

Can't play too long outside, remember I mentioned earlier that bath time ends at 9pm? So... back to minshuku for bath. Bath in Koemon is not hot spring water, hence it wasn't onsen but お風呂. As I dipped myself into the bath, the little phrase I learned in Japanese class flashed crossed my mind - "お風呂にはいります”. すごい!I enjoyed myself so much that I didnt hear the 9pm bell rang. :P Luckily they didnt come and knock on the door to boot me out. Pai seh...

It was a very comfy night stay in Koemon, aside from the fact that the snow shovelling car (don't know the correct term for it) started working at wee hours in the morning. Understandably that they need to clear the road, or otherwise it cars would not be able to pass.

Side note: Its Friday again!

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