Torii Gates in Kyoto

By Cubie - February 10, 2011

Ok.. this is getting hazardous. Jetstar is now on sales, 2 for 1 price for tickets to Japan. I know, I've just came back but can't help toying with the idea of flying back to Japan for a week or so.

Second morning in Kyoto. Onigiri and matcha latte for breakfast, hotcakes for morning snack. :)

I am sure a lot of people knows where to go to see the famous torii gates in Kyoto. It is said to be where Memoirs of Geisha was film. I wrote "it is said..." as I have vague recollection of seeing little Chiyo ran passed those gates.

Fushimi Inari shrine - is one of the free entrance shrine, and in fact very easy to get to. Also if you carry a JR pass, you don't have to pay extra for the train ride, as it is served by JR line - JR Inari Station.

At the entrance
Rows and rows of torri gates - walking in
The opposite side - facing out

Here, dropped a coin, pray and pick up either one of the stones. If it feels light, it is said that your wish will be granted. I'm not sure if there's difference to the stones. We asked and were told picking up either stone is alright. I tried, it was heavy :(

I read somewhere that people tend to drop 5 yen which reads as "go en" means good luck or good relationship.

It was my second day in Kyoto and my friends's third day. I travelled back to Kyoto after my friends left Japan from Narita Airport. The remaining places (aside from Gion) was on my solo days.

Side note: This week feels really, really long....

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