To the colder Takayama

By Cubie - February 18, 2011

After breakfast in Capsule Inn Namba, we retraced our steps back via exit 31, back to JR Namba Station. Still utilising the precious JR pass, we made our way to Osaka Station. We opted to stay the night in Osaka despite the train to Takayama was from Kyoto, aiming to see neon lights in Osaka. Unfortunately, due to time constraint, we were not able to get to Dotonbori.

Back to Kyoto and boarded Hikari 466 to Nagoya.

Although we reached Nagoya at 10ish, but Hida 7 to Takayama took about 2 hours. We would only reach Takayama after 1pm. Haha.. time for another ekiben! :P

This round a little more western style - hambagu bento :) (making me hungry now)

When we first saw snow in Kyoto, we were ecstatic but it was just short snowfall, and little too. Seeing this at Nagoya Station... definitely crossing to the colder side of the country.

In the beginning, the train sort of reversing out of the station but it didn't hinder me from enjoying my ekiben. Yum.

Along the way, the scenary to Takayama was beautiful. This was taken from the train.

Upon reaching Takayama Station, we grabbed a map or two from the tourist info centre in front of the station and dropped by Nohi Bus Station to buy our bus tickets to Shirakawa-go and Kanazawa.

Thereafter, we looked for Rickshaw Inn where we would be staying for the night. The place is nicely decorated, but I think the lady at reception was a little unfriendly. It was comfy but leaning more towards hotel, rather than nice, cosy ryokan type.

A table with trinkets, some books and sarubobo magnets.

Common area before the corridor to our room.

Cheaper rooms in hostel - we made our own bed. This one was pricier, hence bed was made for us, though the even more expensive one.. was made when we had our dinner. :P

We rested for a while, and had afternoon tea (hehe.. food is important oh) before heading out.

And I tried out my cheapo-ugg-boots-wannabe, obviously the timberland is more dependable. Haha..

Side note: Yay for the increased quota of internet :D

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