Off to the even colder Shirakawa-go :p

By Cubie - February 24, 2011

Travelling from Takayama to Shirakawa-go by bus (we took Nohi bus) was a short 50 minutes with beautiful scenery.

Once we reached, we tried to look for your minshuku as soon as possible... as it was snowing heavily...

As we reached, there were some tour group about to leave. A couple of aunties and uncles asked us to help them take pictures.

The minshuku we booked was Koemon, a short walk after crossing the bridge. Yes... THE bridge. haha..

View from the bridge. During daytime, I believe there were a lot of daytrippers, so it was really busy.

And no, I didnt carry the 2 bags and still spent so much time taking pictures. Those were all taken after we checked in and dropped our bags. It was heavy snow but roads were cleared, so it was still alright to bring a trolley bag, maybe also due to the time we reached. As for shoes, I was still wearing the cheapo-ugg-boats-wannabe, as I thought it would be warm the feet better and and mid length calf. Actually my Timberland ankle boots was good enough, my initial worry was unfounded. I guess the most important is to wear waterproof shoes.

The rule before entering any place, after being outside in a snowfall is to shed like a dog :P
Yup, shed off the snow from your clothes and bags. Just making sure you dont leave any snow and drip water in people's shop or place.

Koemon provides snow boots without fee for guests. So technically, I don't need to buy the cheapo-ugg boots-wannabe. :P

Dining area in Koemon

After checking in, we dropped our bags and went out... that's when those pictures were taken :P

Before dinner, we stole some time to snack again.. haha :P

Side note: I miss beef miso sauce rice from Takayama :( Maybe I should try to stop the craving with having nice soba or udon! :D

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