Happy Belated Valentines' Day

By Cubie - February 15, 2011

Maybe I should backdate it... but then again, its only by a day. It's be-early if it's chinese valentines' day. This post is inbetwen the two, so its all good.

That is a box of chocolate from Tokyo Disneyland. I've read numerous times about chocolates and Valentines' Day in Japan. On how there are special designed chocolate just for this occasion. I was hoping to grab one or two, hmm.. under pretext of understanding culture :P

I thought I was going to be disappointed as my friend told me they are only on sale come February. I found those in Disney! In fact, I only seen them in Disney, not elsewhere. Only later when I re-visit Osaka again, that I start seeing them on sale.

Anyways.. happy Valentines' day.. cos it's a reason to have special-themed chocolate :)

Note - I went to class yesterday and my Japanese sensei mentioned that rose is not common as a gift in Japan, only chocolate.

Side note: Mom strikes back again... *roll eyes*

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