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By Cubie - February 06, 2011

I have been thinking... how do I want to start writing about my Japan trip. Do I want to write it per place or by day. Initially, I just wanted to do one post to summarise it all (apparently Little P said not allowed... I reckon she just want to have more blog posts to read). Anyway, I guess I will write a little more lengthy, jotting down the places I've been... what I've eaten and my thoughts. Somehow, I think I write better last time. Shrug.

1st stop: Kyoto
I stayed 5 nights in Kyoto, not continuously -2 nights initially in Hana Hostel Kyoto after arrival at Kansai International Airport, the other 3 nights before leaving Japan at Capsule Ryokan Kyoto. Both place are great, but personally, I prefer Hana Hostel - location wise, it is nearer to Kyoto Station and I think the staffs are just a little more friendly.

If I am to put all of the places I've been to in Kyoto, this post would be way too long :P
So I'll break up it to a couple of posts. First off - Hana Hostel.

We stayed in a tatami room - private room for 3 person, ensuite. We had to make our own bed - the basic layer, futon and comforter. My breakfast for the first day was this - yakisoba pan.

The taste, probably a little strange, as it is a combination of bread with stuffing of yakisoba. I know there are probably dishes like maggi mee goreng covered in roti canai. Still... it is a little different. I first heard of this type of bread in Hotaru no Hikari. I won't elaborate the story but in one of the scene, the main actress in the drama, Hotaru went to a bread shop to buy some bread for her colleagues. She picked up a few, also asked for this yakisoba pan. So if you are interested in the flavour, you could probably make some yakisoba and stuff them onto a bread :P

After breakfast, we walked out of hostel and to this place where I bet every travellers would go - Kyoto Station.

This round, our destination was the bus station in from of Kyoto station, got the Kyoto bus day pass cost 500 yen.

My first temple visit was to Kinkakuji. A few years back, when I was still working in Malaysia, there was a contest hosted by a radio station, can't remember the sponsor of the contest but at certain time of the day, the DJ would play some sound clips and get people to ring in to guess the sound, if you guessed it correctly, you will get a chance to guess the final destination. I remembered one of the sound clip was the sound of shinkansen. So a lot of people know the answer was Japan, but whereabout in Japan. The last clip was someone speaking in nihongo, "ここは金閣寺です. " At that time, I have started my Japanese class, hence I can understand what was being said. Of course, I didnt win the contest or I would've been to Kinkakuji many years back, fully sponsored. But I googled the place up and I told myself, I want to see it myself one day. I did... and it is beautiful.

On the way to Kinkakuji. It snowed that day. If you look at the Kyoto Tower photo on top carefully, thats my first experience of snow! Literally, snowing instead of seeing it on the ground, or those artificials. It was snowing with a little rain.

The two girls made snow ball and throw it into the water. How cute :)

Almost there...

And there! Beautiful Kinkakuji...

Around the temple grounds...

After leaving temple grounds, there were some stalls - selling food, charms or incense.

Was going to include more in this post but looks like it has been a little lengthy. Shall continue in another post :)

Side note: Wish weekend is much longer...

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