Filler: Nagano and Nozawa Onsen

By Cubie - February 20, 2011

I put it as filler, cos I have not been to Nagano nor Nozawa Onsen but I have been googling about for my essay till I have conjure up itinerary of going to Nagano next round. LOL

So, here goes:
Nagano is located in central Honshu, west of Tokyo. From Tokyo, it is easily accessible via shinkansen. As Nagano is in the central, it is surrounded by mountains. In the olden days, it is known as Shinshu. In 1998, the Winter Olympics was hosted in Nagano. Biathlon was held in Nozawa Onsen. Climate wise, August is the hottest month, temperature averaging at 25 degrees.

The most popular tourist attraction in Nagano City is Zenkoji.

It is said to be built in the 7th century. One can also stay in the subtemple of Zenkoji - shukubo and enjoy vegetarian meals. From April to mid May - there's a Zenkoji festival called Zenkoji Gokaicho.

Another festival held in Nagano City is Enka Taika which is a fireworkds festival with street foods on 23 November.

Soba and oyaki are popular food.

Oyaki is a type of dumpling, stuffed with vegetables, seasoned with miso and soy sauce.

Apples are famous too oh. I read there are miso flavoured ice cream too :P

About 100 minutes by bus from Nagoya, one can get to Nozawa Onsen village. Nozawa Onsen village is located in Shimotakaido-gun. There are 13 free public onsen there. The reason as to why I first read about Nozawa Onsen was about this Nozawa Fire Festival or probably more correctly Dosojin Fire Festival, held on 15th of January.

It is popular as Onsen Manjuu, wild vegetables of bamboo shoots, kinoko and Nozawana -zuke (pickled green vegetble). Other local delicacy is sasadango (sweet rice cakes). Shopping wise - akebi vine crafts is popular of hato guruma (pigeon on wheels).

Source: Go! Nagano (Nagano Official Travel Guide), Wikipedia, Lonely Planet
Go! Nagano

Side note: Haih... tomorrow is D-day

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