Sri Lanka: Rice and curry in Ella

By Cubie - January 05, 2017

One can get rice and curry anywhere in Sri Lanka as it is their staple food, the reason I include Ella in the title is because of two reasons. One because we (S and I) did a cooking class, and the other because of Matey's Hut.

I'll start of with Matey's Hut. We had dinner at Matey's Hut the day we arrived in Ella. It was a very small eatery but the food was superb! It was too dark for any decent photo and we were too impatient to dig in but here's how the eatery look like.

Back to the cooking class we did, we heard it from the British girls who attended the class the day we arrived and came back raving about it. If you asked my opinion about it, I didn't think the class was that great. The best bits was we get to eat at the end of it but I would much prefer to have a more hands on class. On the day we had our class, everybody who attended were in a team of two. The class was structured the way that one person to write down the ingredients and steps as the teacher spoke, while the other assisted in cutting some vegetables or grating a coconut. That was it, the balance of work was done by the teacher.

We "made" six types of curry - bean, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, fish, and dhal. After the teacher cooked, we were served the curries and teacher made a salad to go with it. I was surprised with the beetroot curry, more so because I didn't expect beetroot to be "big" in Sri Lanka.

Side note: The rice and curry in Sri Lanka restaurant in Melbourne just doesn't taste the same, must be the water!

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