Blitzing through Singapore in 30 hours

By Cubie - January 19, 2017

That gave me 2 dinners, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and many snacks opportunities.

First dinner:
- Zichar (as what it is called in Singapore) or 煮炒 which means stir fry dishes at Toa Payoh Food Court.
We (4 pax) shared fish curry, a tofu dish and soup
- Ice-cream dessert at Double Scoops.

Simple breakfast at Toast Box - we shared toasted bread and steamed bread, half boiled egg and drinks.

First walk
Henderson Waves

The weather was mostly cloudy with some drizzling rain at some point, so it make it less hot.

Unfortunately I had to skip lunch as I was not feeling well. :(

Second walk
Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Sands Bay area, armed with milk tea.

 - Chilli crab at Jumbo Seafood. We went to the branch near Clarke Quay.
 - Frozen yogurt as dessert from Llaollao

Third walk
Paid respect to the Merlion, after all I was in Singapore.


1 long walk plus 2 shorter ones, maybe would have compensated the my meals. Lol

Side note: Must remember to pick up my left behind hoodie in Singapore if I go back again...

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  1. Hey Cubie, would you recommend either of your dinner spots for an authentic and reasonably priced dinner?

    1. I would the first dinner place. It is certainly a no fuss local food court. The second dinner place feel more geared towards tourist or higher end. The black pepper tasted a little too overpowering over the crab dish too. Of course I wasn't feeling too well when I had the second dinner.

    2. Thanks! I'll remember Toa Payoh Food Court.