Fiji: Voivoi weaving

By Cubie - January 31, 2017

Sea plane!
I was slowly getting my appetite back following a very long sleep. I ate very little of my lunch and dinner yesterday despite really wanting to eat them. Breakfast as usual, buffet style but I found a Fijian food.

These little doughnuts looking things are.... Fijian pancakes and taste like one too. Haha.

Day 4's little activity was voivoi weaving. Voivoi is actually pandanus and they are traditionally used for weaving mats. The staffs set themselves up in front of the restaurant. When I joined them, there were already 2 different groups working on their voivoi weaving. Group 1 was a mother with her daughter working on a bookmark and bracelet respectively. The other one was a couple, both weaving bracelets.

I didn't know there was an option of bookmark but then again, I don't have the habit of using thick bookmark in my books. It would look better against a white towel eh but this was a beach towel.

The voivoi bracelet I weaved
I was contemplating of joining the trip for line fishing but wasn't sure how motivated or patient I would be so decided against it. So it was swimming in the beach and lazing around.

Lunch was BBQ lunch with some salads. No tummy issues after eating this round of bbq lunch though.

From the first photo, that was the worse of the weather actually but only a few drops of rain. Otherwise I am glad with superb weather.

Sky with clotted clouds
I generally have meals by myself as most people are travelling as a couple or with family, so it was much easier that I sit around by myself. I don't have an issue though. I have learnt how to have a meal by myself.

Bruschetta as appetizer

Entree of prawn dish

Passion fruit sorbet


Hazelnut cake with ice cream
As opposed to the day before where I only finished the sorbet and appetizer, I finished everything on the plate today.

The activity of the night was supposed to be bonfire but for some reason it couldn't be arranged.

Day 4 cost breakdown:

  • BLBR dorm bed: NZD $100 for 4N (NZD $25 per night)
  • Compulsory meals plan (B/L/D): NZD $300 for 4N (NZD $75 pp/day)
  • Voivoi weaving: Free

Side note: Can't wait to get started on paint brushing :D

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