Fiji: Bula from Blue Lagoon Beach Resort (BLBR)

By Cubie - January 23, 2017

I didn't have a lot of time to look up every resort or which island I wanted to explore further but the key criteria are I don't want to be stuck in any island that is gearing towards romantic couples or too family orientated, it needs to be budget friendly and I am too old for party islands (not that I am ever into partying).

A quick check indicates that it would be in Yasawa Islands. I was in between Blue Lagoon Beach Resort or Octopus Resort and checked with the nice, experience people on tripadviser. I was told that the beach in BLBR is a sheltered beach, so it would be calmer for a noob, poor swimmer like me. The other reason was that I wanted to go to Sawa-i-Lau. So BLBR it was.

Dive shop
The first thing you'll see when you disembark on the island is the dive shop. This was the gathering place for most of the activities.

Going straight in one will find the dorms. There are 2 separate rooms, each room has 8 single beds with a bedside table. On the bedside table is a lamp and a locker drawer at the bottom. The drawer is not big, just the size of an office agile type locker.

Room on the left, clothes line on the right
Opposite of the dive shop is the office. There is a board outside dive shop and office showing the day's activities.

This is the resort restaurant, the half closer to swimming pool is on board floor, the other half is a sandy floor.

Next to the restaurant, the other side of it has a giant chess board.

There are 3 wi-fi hotspot - dive shop, swimming pool and restaurant. So no wi-fi from my bed. Haha.

I paid NZD $25 a night for my bed, and there is a mandatory food plan of breakfast/lunch/dinner of NZD $75 a day. Before having my first meal in resort, I imagined would be the usual buffet spread so I was pleasantly surprised of the 3-course-meal set up.

There are both paid and free activities, for paid activities, I just need to quote my bed number (given upon checked in) and billed upon checked out. One can pay by card or cash.

Side note: Why I have so many things needing to wait? :( not fun at all...

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