Sri Lanka: Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arches Bridge in Ella

By Cubie - January 03, 2017

We missed Adam's Peak so we made it up with Little Adam's Peak. We also skipped Ella Rock, but there is no other rock to climb to "compensate" that though.

The usual 2 things people do in Ella are Adam's Peak and Ella Rock, then there's a waterfall or the Nine Arch Bridge. We did Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge. Let's backtrack a bit. Upon reaching Ella, I didn't really like it. In fact the longer we were in Sri Lanka, the more I realised haggling with tuk-tuk was getting harder. They hardly budged from the price they wanted. We haggled but eventually went with a tuk-tuk driver name Salah (not sure about the spelling but it was how it was pronounced). My friend didn't like him because he was one of those smart-arse-know-it-all. Anyway, we didn't see him again thereafter so all's good.

We stayed in Idyll Homestay for 2 nights, view was from the balcony was great, the flies not so. We met T from Germany travelling by himself, so we set to Little Adam's Peak together based on a hand drawn map from our host at Idyll Homestay, Anil.

Little Adam's Peak is a pyramid shaped rock stands across from a larger Ella Rock. If the weather was cooler, it would make the walk towards Little Adam's Peak much enjoyable.

It was actually a nice walk, the staircase only at the end of it. Along the way to the Little Adam's Peak, one would passed through beautiful tea plantations too.

She waved me to her and asked me to take her photograph, then she asked me to pay her :(
Of course, one would see the most expensive resort in Ella, 98 acres Resort & Spa and this resort has it own helicopter pad. We treated ourselves to a cold drink at the resort after the hike... haha.

See.. the peak isn't too high

View of Ella Rock from Little Adam's Peak

After hiking down, we stopped by for a cold drink at the most expensive resort in Ella. S decided to give the bridge a miss and continue lounging at the resort. T and I make our way to the bridge and would pick up S on our way back.

There is a small cafe at the Nine Arches Bridge lookout point and one can walk back along the tracks. T and I stood there for a short while hoping to catch a coincidence shot of a train passing through the bridge but no such luck. Not knowing the train schedule, we didn't want to linger too long since trains are not that frequent.

We backtracked our steps to 98 acres resort to collect S who has checked out a place for lunch.

Side note: Happy New Year! ^^

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