Fiji: Mountain hike and village visit

By Cubie - January 27, 2017

There is a board in the resort restaurant that listed out the whole week's activity, else the board outside the office and dive shop are updated in the late afternoon. The board at dive shop also has information on diving trips. I saw the activities for my day 2 in BLBR and decided that I will get up at before 8 am for a mountain hike.

I woke up at 7, got ready and had breakfast before meeting at the dive shop for the hike. Breakfast was usual continental buffet spread. One of the BLBR staff, Pete led us to the hike, in his slippers. The hike was quite leisurely and the whole walk took about 1.5 hours. I think it helped that Pete walked very slowly in our consideration.

Going down was a gravel road and passing through a mangrove area before reaching back at the village.

It was back to beach time after hike. Yay to seeing fishes just by looking into the water!

Can you spot the fish?
I was very well fed so next up was lunch. I ordered beef curry masala with rice, roti and poppadum with condiments for lunch for my day 2.

One of the staff asked if I want any drinks. I asked for a non alcoholic recommendation and he brought me a Fijian punch. A pretty and refreshing drink eh? :)

I joined the village visit trip. We visited the Nacula village, one of the biggest village on the island.

Meke dance by the villagers

Pop up shop after meke dance
The villagers set up an instant pop up shop selling some handmade handicraft. They only accept cash and don't really have any small change so keep your cash in smaller nomination.

This cute little doggie followed us as we walked back to the boat, then jumped excitedly in the water, splashing the water around. Haha.

Dinner for day 2 was BBQ buffet dinner, which after excluding all other probability, gave me mild case of food poisoning. Activity for Tuesday night was coconut bowling which I was roped into because it was 4 person to a team. I have hand, eye, leg coordination issue and didn't score any points. Oops.

It is essentially bowling, just the bowling ball was a coconut and the pins are plastic bottles with sand inside.

Day 2 cost breakdown:

  • BLBR dorm bed: NZD $100 for 4N (NZD $25 per night)
  • Compulsory meals plan (B/L/D): NZD $300 for 4N (NZD $75 pp/day)
  • Mountain hike: Free
  • Village visit: FJD $10

Side note: Restless...

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