Sri Lanka: Inside the fort of Galle

By Cubie - January 09, 2017

They were also professional tourist prop and charged for fees
Galle (pronounced "Gaul") is one of Sri Lanka's fourth largest city but the tourist attraction is the fort, an old Dutch quarter. Galle is close to Mirissa and takes only about an hour or so to get there. We hired a tuk-tuk to get us to the fort for LKR 1,500 / ~USD 10 /~AUD 14. 

I think because the fort is walled, it was hot to walk around during day time but cools down at night. Most of the guidebooks has a walking guide that you could do but we took it easy, poked our noses in the shops, ate, checked out bigger monuments like the light house, ate, walked around the fort for sunset, ate... that was pretty much it.

Some random cafe, mm.. actually it was Serendipity Cafe

A very non mosque looking mosque

There was not really any sunset, more clouds than sun actually

The locals hanged out at the fort looking for the sunset too actually

Some random shop
This was our last stop in Sri Lanka. From Galle, we took a train back to Colombo and then off to the airport. We took a tuk-tuk to get to the train station and yes, the tuk-tuk driver would rather sit around and not earn anything if they didn't like the price. We paid LKR 150 / ~USD 1 / ~AUD 1.50 for a tuk-tuk. Mind you it was a really short distance, just outside the fort.

It was probably a better sunset from the train bounding to Colombo Fort from Galle that we took, but this was taken from inside the train.

We paid LKR 2,700 / ~USD 18 / ~AUD 25 for a called cab. The prices of tuk-tuk and taxi quoted from Colombo Fort to airport was too expensive and our haggling failed. So we rang up for a taxi from Kangaroo Cabs (yes, this is Sri Lanka, not Australia). S and I shared the taxi with another traveller who was also going to the airport.

Side note: Happy birthday to me...

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