On board Hikari 505

By Cubie - April 03, 2011

I got out of bed after Moo Moo Gal and Ms Mo left the room. They have to leave earlier than me, so I let them use the washroom without getting in the way... and I get to sleep in a little. Haha.

Anyway, off to Kyoto by myself. Glad I could understand a little Japanese, because I could comprehend something was wrong in Shinjuku and the Yamanote Line was not running. So I hopped to the next platform and got on the next train to Tokyo station.

My lucky streak on food hunting continues! I found the 4 pieces Tokyo Banana. Yay! I wanted to find a 4 pieces pack as it is prohibited to bring banana into Australia. = ="
And I worry I can't finish it if it is too big pack. It wasn't cheap though - at 470 yen.

Shinkansen from Tokyo bound to Kyoto would pass Mount Fuji. Shame I was given a seat on the left side of the train, as Mount Fuji was on the right side. I can't remember which side so I kept an eye for it. I caught the sight of Mount Fuji again but not enough time to grab a shot :(

This information diagram was located on the back of a drop down tray. It showed which platform has vending machine, toilets, etc.

I had my breakkie on the train. いちごチョコパン (ichigo choco pan / strawberry chocolate bread)...

... and a can of coffee from the vending machine. I realise vending machines on shinkansen only sells cold beverage. Then... I had strawbery daifuku for dessert, and cuttle fish snack... haha. I was sitting by myself, the 2 seats next to me were empty, so I had fun shooting my food without worrying people thought I was mad :P

Oh.. one more thing.. western style toilet in this shinkansen was spacious. Seriously.

Side note: Robot... :(

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