Akihabara: Electric Town & Toyland

By Cubie - April 01, 2011

How good is that? Either way will lead us to the ever famous Akihabara Electric Town.

I can't remember which way we picked but this was the first shop we stepped in. Despite it was our first stop, we had already started our purchase. I got a couple of figurines, one of it a hot girl figurine. :p
Found the shop I first saw the set of Fullmetal Alchemist during my first trip, but they weren't there anymore. Fate.

Multi-level colourful shops in Akiba

Due to raving reviews I read during my googling spree on Japan prior to our trip, natto was listed in my 'must try' food. Found it in the form of onigiri. Hmmm.. I don't quite like it personally but I believe it falls in the range of acquired taste. I can tolerate it (said that cos I finished all of it) but I haven't acquire the taste. Haha... MooMoo Gal said it was a mellow down version, I think so too, cos it was natto mayo omusubi (190 yen).

Despite just polished off a omusubi, we were getting hungry. In fact, maybe only I was hungry. For Moo Moo Gal and Ms Mo, priority given to shopping. Hungry was not felt in shopaholic mode. Anyway, back to food. So in the midst of looking for food to try for lunch, we decided to get takoyaki as pre-lunch.

This was a better takoyaki compared to the one we had in Nishiki Market. Kanto 1, Kansai 0. LOL :P Strange huh. I should try it again in Osaka, but I did not.

Random shot when we hunted for food
I saw Coco Ichiban, the same I went the last round. As Moo Moo Gal was not keen to have another round of カーレ, so we settled for ramen instead. However I went in and bought a pack and lugged one back.

This... unfortunately, falls in the one that doesn't taste very good, alongside with that super expensive yakitori we had in Takayama. (that one still top the list). Reason being, this ramen had very strong smell of kansui (lye water). I didn't finish it, not sure if it was because I stuffed myself with omusubi and takoyaki or just merely the smell of kansui too overpowering. Though I strongly believe it was the latter :P

Did not go to the big Yobadashi this round, but instead trained over to Harajuku next.

Side note: Exams scare me :(

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