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By Cubie - April 11, 2011

Look! Pinocchio is in Nara!
Walking straight down from McDonalds after a satifying Ebi Burger lunch, I reached Sarusawa-ike Pond.

Across from this pond, was a long flight of staircases leading to Kofuku-ji Temple.

Kofuku-ji Temple is located in Nara-koen Park and built in the early 8th century by the Fujiwara clan.

The Eastern Golden Hall and Five Storey Pagoda
I was waiting for the lady to move on but she did not. Now that I look back at this photo, maybe it pretty good with her in it. LOL

Northern Octagonal Hall

The grounds are free but Kofuku-ji's Treasure House and Eastern Golden Hall charged an entrance fee. I only hover around the grounds. Getting to Todaiji Temple from Kofuku-ji Temple, I passed Yoshikien Garden.

I am pretty sure there are other places to visit in Nara, and one of the recommended landmark is Kasuga Taisha, which is known as Nara's most celebrated Shinto shrine. Unfortunately, it was getting dark and more importantly, it was getting to 6pm and I want to be at Wakakusayama then.

Following to route from Todaiji, I proceed to Tamukeyama Hachimangu Shrine.

Oh look! Deers were having a group discussion.

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Side note: Keeping my prayers with Japan

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