Arashiyama (嵐山)

By Cubie - April 26, 2011

I came out of JR Saga Arashiyama, not too sure where to start walking. It was a little random turning into a smaller lane but I went ahead.

Before that, a picture of the map :)

Along the way to the main street where tourists headed to...

The biggest attraction in Arashiyama was likely the Path of Bamboo.

It was a serene, long walk. At the side before the start of Path of Bamboo, was a little shop selling food which I made note of. An alternative to walking, one could rent a jinrikisha, transportation coupled as guide and photographer.

A short walk after the end of bamboo path, was this pond.

There was heaps of temples around the area. I did not enter any of them though.

Around the area, were also signs indicating directions. I decided to use another route to get back to original spot, not retracing my steps.

I was starving after the bamboo walk, and decided to treat myself to some 甘あげそば (amaagesoba)

It was only 300 yen but smaller portion comparatively. That was alright though, cos it gives me tummy space for snack which I picked up right next to the soba shop.

Snack in the form of ホット芋 (hoto imo), sweet potato with black sesame. It was delicious! Bet Moo Moo Gal will like it.

After settling the hunger, I walked down the road, the opposite side of Path of Bamboo. On the way, one can find Randen Arashiyama station. Around the station area were eateries and shops, there was also public toilet.

Aside from Path of Bamboo, I wanted to see the Togetsukyo Bridge, which translated as Moon Crossing Bride. This bridge spans the Oi River in Arashiyama. Many jinrikisha could be found hovering around this bridge looking for customers.

Side note: Long weekend ending :(

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