Kyoto: Kiyomizudera (清水寺)

By Cubie - April 17, 2011

I could write a whole new post on Kiyomizudera, because I paid for entry (300 yen) for this temple, rather than just look see look see from outside. :P

At the very entrance...

Kiyomizudera or translated as "Pure Water Temple", takes its name from the holy water of Otowa Spring. I won't type the whole thing out, but here's a picture on the story how Kiyomizudera got its name.

To me, I think this temple has a different feel, being up the hill and of wooden structure.

Queuing up to enter the temple...

Wash hands before entering temple... with a nice dragon statue.

Kiyomizudera, with background of Kyoto Tower.

Here's how the temple looked like looking up from the bottom of temple.

Prior to leaving the temple grounds, one could have a taste of the holy water. The Otawa Waterfall is located at the base of the main hall. There were 3 streams of water flowing down, visitors could either use the free cups attached to long poles to drink from them or buy a cup on sale and attached to a long pole. Free cups were cleaned via infrared system.

Japan-Guide website, it is said each stream have different benefit - longevity, success at school and fortunate love life. However drinking from all 3 streams is considered greedy. Hmm.. I don't know which strem represent what. I didn't know that at that time I was there, in fact I can't even remember which stream I took the water from. LOL.. but I did remember being worry I would drop the pole. Lucky that didn't happen. *phew*

Side note: Wish me luck for speaking test. Exams makes me worry

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