Getting to Nara and Ebi Burger

By Cubie - April 08, 2011

I was starving by then but wanted to eat McDonald's - there was 2 type of burgers that I wanted to try, chicken teriyaki and ebi. Havent quite decided which one to order yet at that time but was pretty determined to find McDonald's :P

Murphy's law - I walked for a bit but can't seem to find it. In fact, McDonald's was just next to KYoto train station. = ="

I must've got memory loss.. as well as mata sepet. However I didnt want to loiter too much looking for it, so the plan was to go to Nara first and hoped for the best. As I walked towards the platform to board the train to Nara, I got distracted by this very fragrance smell of food. :) It was the same smell that greeted me when I first took the train to Fushimi Inari.

Grin. Speaking of globalization, belgian waffle.

I picked almond latte waffle.

Hehe... this would buy me a little more hunger time.

Off I went to Nara. I like it, it gives the feeling of a friendly town. I went to a little tourist info counter before stepping out of the train station. They gave me a map in Japanese = ="

A short walk from the train station, crossed the street... lo and behold, I saw the friendly M sign :D

I got myself a ebi burger set with the usual side of fries and a drink. I opted for orange juice. Looks fairly regular hor.. but nice, fluffy sesame bun...

I got a bit worried, thought they gave me the wrong burger till I had a bite. It was sooo good. I miss it heaps.

Side note: Oh no... I can feel throat getting a bit sore.. :(

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