Kyoto: Jishu-jinja Shrine

By Cubie - April 19, 2011

As I wandered around the grounds of Kiyomizudera, I saw an archway leading to a shrine.

Another shrine next to the grand Kiyomizudera, that's not out of ordinary.

What unexpected was to find a Love Shrine, or rather a shrine dedicated to Okuninushino-Mikoto, Japanese God who is in charge of love and good matches. The rabbit beside him is a messenger of the God.

There is no explanation as to why the messenger is a rabbit and not tapir or pig or cow or koala. But koala way out of line since it is such representation of Australia. Anyway. I digress.

As mentioned, Jishu-jinja is a Love Shrine. Charms on sale were love related.

As you can see, the charms were of higher end of cost. Don't know why charm to 'deepen relationship' and 'good marriage' is cheaper than bind your love tightly. Too late for me to get that now. I don't know if these works, didn't get any to test it.

When I was there, a group of girls where looking at the charms and teasing their friend on buying one. Grin

One the many Gods worshipped in this shrine, here's Okage Myojin, said who will answer the prayer, whatever it is and believed to be a guardian deity especially for ladies. I made a wish at this one :P

Next to this, one can find Love Stone, or called "Love-fortune-telling" stone.

It is said if you walk safely from this stone to the other with your eyes closed. Your wish will be granted soon. If you can't it will be long before your love is realized. If you need guidance to to finish the walk, means you will need a go-between with future love.

I'll confess. I tried walking to the other stone with my eyes closed.. but I cheated, opened my eyes a little at one point fearing that I would knocked into other people. However, strangely, during my attempt, nobody was walking around the area. So I potentially could've succeeded in walking safely with eyes closed, but... oh well ;)

Side note: Now all is left is wait... till 29th

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