Capsule Ryokan Kyoto

By Cubie - April 07, 2011

I was back to familiar Kyoto Station, and made my way to the hostel reserved earlier. This time, Capsule Ryokan Kyoto.

Without proper calculation and with my not very good guesstimate, I think Hana Hostel Kyoto is nearer to the train station comparatively. Capsule Ryokan is also clean, like the rest of the accommodation we stayed. As this time I was by myself, so I made a booking for a capsule, instead of a room. It's dorm like feel but more privacy, as there is tatami blinds. :)

I checked in, and was given a higher bed but the associated cupboard was at the top, the nice lady who checked me in had very kindly exchanged it for the shorty me. :P

This was my little capsule for 3 nights after Ms Mo and Moo Moo gal departed home. Cost 3,500 yen a night, with complimentary towel.

There were 8 capsules altogether in this room. I'm not sure if there were more at other levels but I was given the one at ground floor.

There were 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets. One big...

... and one small.

This was the reception area.

Opposite from this, storage area for bags. Can deposit here after checked out, also before check in.

As you can see, lounge, dining and kitchen bench was just next to it. Here - computers for free browsing.

Next to it, stuffs for free rental. I'm not quite sure as to the reason why it is call free rental, and not for loan but there were irons, adaptors.

Side note: Replacing that 2 pieces of little plastic rest for specs here cost $10!

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  1. hey i so love this capsule more than the one at namba..that one sucks man... but i ever see nicer ones but not sure what's the price...

  2. haha... this one newer. It's pretty good actually. If i travel by myself again, I'll prob stay there again, its a little more than dorm :)