Washington: The Nation's Capital

By Cubie - November 02, 2011

Itinerary of the day was to spend time at the National Mall & Memorial Parks. We were in Washington DC after all. The day started with brunch at Carlyle, which is one of the chain restaurant of Great American Restaurants. Next to it is Best Baked Bun Company (BBBC) which is also part of the same group. The brunch food there was absolutely scrumptious. It was at this place where I previously mentioned the waiters were dashing. Umm.. no picture of both - food or waiters. As mentioned earlier, nil food picture at all as I was dining with Uncle K and Aunty L and was trying to be at my best behaviour. Ahem. Though food pictures in DC would have been one of the best food picture. Selected meals were Mango Chicken & Spiced Pecans and BCCC Brioche French Toast smoked bacon, scrambled eggs and home fries.

Aunty L droved us to the area of National Mall & Memorial Parks and dropped us off. Uncle K was the appointed tour guide of the day. Our first stop - White House.

This is actually the main entrance of White House. I was standing outside of the gate, with the camer fitted between the grills. Not standing anywhere on the grass outside of the White House.

spot the secret service agent
The National Mall & Memorial Parks grounds is actually a very large area. According to the map, distance between Lincoln Memorial and U.S. Capital is of 30 minute brisk walk. So it is not an uncommon sight to see people cycling around the ground to get to places. We, instead of walking or cycling, were given a tour from an air-conditioner car.

National Gallery of Art
We were being spoiled, Aunty L came back to pick us up before dropping us off to somewhere nearer to the National Air and Space Museum. This museum is on the recommended 'list' of Uncle K.

From afar - Capital Hill.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial and U.S Capital were all lined up in one straight line. Coincidentally (or intentionally, I don't know) New Parliament House, Old Parliament House and War Memorial in Canberra is also standing in one straight line.

Red arrow: Lincoln Memorial; Orange arrow: World War II Memorial; Pink arrow: Washington Monument; Brown arrow: U.S. Capitol
Source: Map from here
Washington Monument
As the National Air and Space Museum is in the list of our 'tour guide' today, that was where we headed to. This museum is one of the 19 museums under the Smithsonian Museums.

Entrance to the museum is free, though special exhibit and 3D shows occur a fee. Uncle K bought us ticket to watch the 3D show as he have had watched a good one previously. The next available show was "Legends of Flight 3D".

I stupidly imagined they would show the Wright brothers' adventure in building the first successful airplane... but it was nothing near that. In fact, it was a paid 3D advertisement of Boeing 787. If I am part of the team who contributed or worked on the Boeing 787, I would be so proud of the flight. I can totally relate to that. Though that was all I could say. Otherwise, it was like an advertisement for Boeing 787, and we actually have to pay to watch the adv. Umm...

By the time we left the museum, it was time for dinner! On the way to dinner, we passed Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

And USA Air Force Memorial

It resembles the shape how Air Force planes fly... no?
Uncle K and Aunty L brought us to Indigo Landing Restaurant, strategically located on the Potomac River. I had Broiled Chesapeake Crab Cakes. It is said that crab cake is one of the local specialty.

After finishing dinner, we went back to The Mall for the World War II Memorial.

Uncle K said that it was one of those that you need to see at night as it was to be seen lighted up. If Uncle K had his way, we would hop off to see the Korean War Veterans Memorial and Vietnam Veterans Memorial as well. However Aunty L argued that it would be dangerous to wander around at night. So we only did the World War II Memorial returning retiring for the night.

Side note: I missed the volunteering registration for 15th Japanese Film Festival. *bonk self* :(

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