New York: Downtown

By Cubie - November 13, 2011

If there was uptown, then there was downtown. The first day with bright blue sky in New York - we seized the opportunity to tick off the places we wanted to see. Also, the first time I get to at the roof of the bus. There were reminders after reminders of sitting down and beware of head hitting the traffic lights and trees.

So, despite all the friendly reminders, we got lucky! The bus stopped at the traffic light and I got to stand up for a picture of this beautiful piece of architecture - the Flatiron Building.

Here's another picture of the building... Just because :P

Another skyscapper - Empire State Building. Probably also made famous by the movie King Kong and Sleepless in Seattle... and no, I did not embark on some movie themed tour or something. Just so happen a lot of Hollywood productions were filmed in United States itself, and I believe many movies shot in the Big Apple itself.

The bus actually went for quite a big loop and we got off at a stop nearest to Statue of Liberty. There are 2 ways to see the famous icon, the first one via the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour. There were a few options on offer, some allows to go up to the crown, but most includes access to Ellis Island Immigration Museum (read: Hitch). If you decide to pursue this option, I was advised by my friend to purchase the ticket in advance.

Anyway, the second option - free of charge ferry to Staten Island. That was our option, consideration taken into we were not a big fan of museums... (don't throw rotten eggs at me). That being said, I was aware of great reviews given on the Ellis Island Immigration Museum but we decided to proceed with option number two. Ferry to Staten Island is free of charge (as of my travel in 8th Sept 2011), but please be aware that there was no stop made to Liberty Island.

However one was not allowed to remain on the ferry once reached Staten Island. Also by the time one got off the ferry, you won't be able to make the direct trip back. Instead would have to wait for the next ferry trip.

From where we took the Staten Island Ferry to Wall Street was a short walk.

Speaking of Wall Street, here's a picture of the Wall Street icon - the famous Charging Bull. I said it was famous because there were a lot of people stood around to take a picture with the bull. Some sat on the head, some stand at the side, there were also some who squat down and held the testicles and posed for a picture, or two.

~ come to think of it, I think I saw a lot of US flags everywhere, much more than in Australia and Malaysia.

U.S flags at Ground Zero, the red and blue stripes were people's name.

South Street Seaport... took some pictures while we were waiting for the bus. Luckily we were right in front of the bus door or we would have to wait for the next bus, or the one after.. till there was one with seats available.

We got off at the United Nations Headquarters ... but it was already closed for the day.

Side note: Good weather today but I spent the way indoors having my own movie day :)

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