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By Cubie - November 10, 2011

Not sure if it was intentional or purely coincidental, the flight to USA from Sydney via United Airlines showed this movie called Arthur. There were no individual inflight entertainment but a shared screen. So, there wasn't any option to pick movies myself. So, back to this movie.

The reason as to why I brought this up is this...

At night
So, yes, before Little P comment on what movie is being filmed here, I'll shall put up this one up. The main character of the show - Arthur met one of the main female character of the show, Naomi in this Grand Central Terminal.

The movie also showed the "whispering gallery" which was located in the dining concurse near the Oyster Bar & Restaurant. Grand Central Terminal is a fully operational train station, equipped with shops and dining area. You can also find MTA - Transit Museum there.

Another thing - do look up the ceilings ya :)

It was pouring cats and dogs during the first day of our NY trip. In fact, it rained since morning, didn't stop at all. Aftermath of the storm I heard.

I finally succumb to the Hop On/Hop Off bus. Personally, I am not a fan of those buses but I am not against it, especially considering the weather. That was the first time I took the Hop On/Hop Off bus. 3 things I learnt about the bus.

1. It was horrible during rainy days. It is only glorious to ride on the bus on good days, otherwise, not only you can sit on the open roof top, rubbish flowed down from the rooftop in "waterfall". It was dirty and wet. I would've thought they could have done something about that staircase leading to the roof of the bus.

2. Still have to queue to wait for the bus and if the bus is full, will have to wait for the next bus. I used to have wishful thought that there would be buses all the time, no waiting time :P

3. The bus did not stop if there were no seat available. Not on it didn't stop, no indication were given to people waiting for the bus at the stop. We saw people waving and flagging down the bus, thinking that the bus didn't see them :-S

Anyway, we did a night tour and saw Brooklyn, on a rainy night before and after braving the rain in Times Square. Despite the rain, Times Square was still vibrant and bustling... the best word to describe I can think of is にぎやか :)

Just because we are talking about Times Square. We did, of course went back to Times Square another day, when the weather was better.

where the New Year Eve Ball descends...

Side note: I've discovered the best and effective recovery walk - with 小さな恋の歌 blasting in ears.

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  1. Never watched Author but I can tell you other movies that were filmed here... kakakaka.