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By Cubie - November 14, 2011

Alright... last post of USA travel log :)

(1) Manhattan Chillies 
Grand Central Terminal
Lower Level Dining Concourse
New York, NY 10017
(212) 682-6644

Texas Chain Gang: All natural coarse ground beef, kidney beans, plum tomatoes, fresh jalapeƱos and chipotles
The Real McCoy - "No beans, no tomatoes, no bull." Chilli the way they made it in the Lone Star State: Chunks of all natural beef and 5 kinds of chilli powder
side dish of mini corn muffin
We had it on two different occasions - both times for lunch. The first time I had it with rice, not the second time though. However I do find it weird to have it as it is.. not accompanied with rice.

(2) T.G.I. Friday's
We went to the one in Times Square area.

Jack Daniel's burger
I read somewhere that Jack Daniel's sauce is the signature sauce of TGIF, so I thought I'll give it a go... but the calories were at some alarming numbers.

(3) Magnolia Bakery
Grand Central Terminal
Lower Level Dining Concourse

Magic cookie bar with graham cracker crust
My bad. So apparently Magnolia Bakery is famous for their cupcakes, not for this cookie. We saw a long queue and thought it would be promising. Maybe, just maybe if I had a cupcake I might say differently but this magic bar - sickly sweet, even for my sweet tooth.

(4) Avra
141 East 48th Street
New York, NY 10017
212 759-8550
fax: 751-0894

Grilled fillet of wild Pacific salmon served with marinated grilled vegatables
This was good, fresh fish and nicely cooked. Thanks to N and husband for buying dinner.

(5) Junior's Cheesecake
Lower Level
Dining Concourse
(212) 983-5257

Raspberry swirl cheesecake
I love this. Nice, dense cheesecake. Not sweet, just nice with complement of raspberry. We did a takeaway.

(6) Sweet Grass Grill
24 Main Street
Tarrytown, NY 10591

Sweet Grass Grill - Pancake suzette style

This cafe is located in Tarrytown. It was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and we were told it would be safer to avoid going into the city, hence we had our brunch in Tarrytown. Very generous portion of food.

(7) BBQ at home ^_^
We bought some sausages, yakitori and corns, there was also salad...

(8) Hotdog
Street food. I had this while shopping in Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. Um.. streak of shopaholic in making? LOL. I won't post up any further on Woodbury Common as friend drove us there, and the only activity we did was of course, shopping :P

Side note: I wish Saturdays are longer...

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  1. I'm drooling just looking at your photos! Thank you for sharing about your NYC trip. Hubby is dying to go so hopefully, we'll make it there in a few years' time.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. I like reading your blog, I've gone back reading the archives too. :)