Washington: Of Labor Day and Union Station

By Cubie - November 05, 2011

Uncle K and Aunty L shouted us for all the meals. I feel bad. It was understandable for them to buy their niece lunches and dinners, but I was the random stranger who went holidays with their niece. After much persuasion, Uncle K and Aunty L allowed us to buy brunch before we left for New York.

It was a public holiday that day - Labor Day (I used the American spelling on purpose). Most of the eatery places that we tried were not open. The last option was Table Talk. It is a local, no fussed diner. Apparently, this place have big surge of customers from a nearby church after service.

I had an egg toast, bacon and grit. There was an option of substituting grit with home fries (or vice versa). I thought of giving grits a try. Grits are a food of American Indian origin common in the Southern United States and mainly eating at breakfast. Taste wise... chotto....
Tasted like a cross between of oatmeal and congee. Let's put it this way, I will stick to home fries if there were future option arises :P

We didn't do much that day, just chillax then off to Union Station, taking Amtrak train to NY.

Side note: Hungry and peckish.... :P

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