Virginia: Mount Vernon & Old Town Alexandria

By Cubie - October 29, 2011

We took an overnight flight from Las Vegas to Washington D.C., with a short transit in Atlanta.

Free coffee in the airport lounge. Don't know how it taste, I didn't try
Thanks to my friend, we have free accommodation in DC and also New York. Friend's uncle, Uncle K and aunt (Aunty L) were very hospitable. It was like I got a free package tour including accommodation and meals to Washington DC. We were given separate rooms, and Aunty L even left bottled water in the room for us! Also, I am not able to provide any information on transportation as we were ferried everywhere. It was so comfy (coupled with tiredness) that I couldn't prop my eyes open on the day we reached there.

Back to Mount Vernon.

Potomac River, on the way to George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate.
Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in America, is the home of George and Martha Washington. It is along the Potomac River in Northern Virgina. Anyway, in short, it is estate of George Washington. Weather was not too great for outdoor activities, and we didn't visit the estate. LOL :P

I am guilty of not reading up or researching much on this USA trip, and even more so on the part of Washington DC area. However Uncle K had his own list of itinerary of the places he wanted to show us. In the list for first day - was the above George Washington Mount Vernon Estate which we just had a glance from the car, and Old Town Alexandria.

Old Town Alexandria is a quaint historic town on the other side of Potomac River. It was an important colonial port in the old days. At present, is a waterfront attraction with colonial houses, shops and restaurants.

Uncle K and Aunty L brought us to have an early dinner at Chart House. I was trying to behave myself, so I did not take any pictures on the food I had in DC, as I was dining with friend's uncle and aunt. But, those food were so beautiful, both presentation and taste. Also, looking out to the waterfront scenery.

After dinner, we had a walk down to the shops and initially planned to visit the Torpedo Factory but unfortunately it was closed earlier that day due to a booked event. It was said that torpedo were manufactured there during World War I and II. Now it acts as an art studio.

No, this is not the Torpedo Factory

Side note: Vietnamese coffee... yum ^_^

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