Sydney Opera House Open Day 2011

By Cubie - November 20, 2011

~ Don't bash me but I still think Opera House is more beautiful from far :P

Sydney Opera House held its annual Open Day last month on 16th October 2011. I missed the Open Day last year as I was in Maroochydore. It gives visitors a chance to see the inside of the famed Opera House for free :)

It opened at 10am and closed at 4pm. I remember leaving home at 10am, thinking it even if I reached by 11am, it was still fairly early. However the queue already has built up.

I remember being in line for a fair bit and it was a fairly warm day. Or how Aussies would say "It's a lovely day.". Grin. Anyway, so I keep myself amused by taking some pictures.

~ father and son enjoying the sea view

After a while, we were ushered in to the Opera House.

They put up some costumes on the stage in the hall. There was no scheduled concerts or shows on that day.

After leaving the hall, we were given time to see the remaining area.

There was also some lookout area where you can look out to the Harbour Bridge and more water view.

Side note: I am so peckish, I wish there's some chips to munch. Mental note to stock up my snacks. *bite*

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  1. You're making miss Sydney. It has been years (and I do mean years) since I've been to Oz.

  2. Maybe it's time to come for visit soon :)

  3. Dammit. Missed it. And I had people here visiting from Finland. We took them to Sydney Markets instead.