By Cubie - January 30, 2011

Early last year, company announced that we might win a chance to attend a fully sponsored conference in Sunshine Coast if we send in an essay on titles set. Anyways, don't know what got to me, but I tried and sent in a piece. Not sure if it was luck, or there are not a lot of response, I got to attend the conference, in Maroochydore.

It feels like I always ended up with the seat next to the wing...
It was a 5 days conference, started with a dinner on Saturday night. Event and accommodation was at Novotel Twin Waters Resort. We flew in on Saturday morning, taking advantage of the few hours before event started and visited the Eumundi Market.

It was a hot, hot day. Stalls mostly sells crafts, accessories, hats and food, of course. :P

I had my lunch there, bought paella from this stall.

Dessert was this... apple cinnamon sauce... yum!

Went to the beach thereafter but no pictures, hot but windy. Worry about the sand will affect the lens too.. shrug.

Checked in to Novotel thereafter, here's some of the pictures.

This was my room, 2 double beds for me :P

Reading + coffee = cool
Overlooking out from the balcony...

Side note: CNY soon, but no leave for me :(

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