A very short trip to Brisbane

By Cubie - December 30, 2010

Yes, it was indeed very short, unlike the usual Friday night to Sunday evening, we opted for Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Reasons - cheaper flight and save on 1 night accommodation. Public Holidays are much lesser in Australia (compared to Malaysia), its significantly lesser. However most of the PH is moved to make it as a long weekend. So from my description above, it wasn't a long weekend when we travelled.

If you can see the departure time, 0620. We didn't fly Qantas, not budget enough. Instead the option was Jetstar.

For this short flying time, to be able to see that view, you know get the idea that it was early. In fact much too early even for breakfast in Fortitude Valley. The shop has not open yet for business. I remember peering inside to see if there are human activities. There wasn't and we gave up waiting, ended up changed venue for breakkie.

Not much sightseeing done, we were both tired from waking up early but I was lucky to score one of the sightseeing spot - Mount Coot-tha Lookout. Due to my pathetic effort and inferior skills in photography, I only managed some spots of lights, which I shamelessly still post it up :P

One of the few places we went was this King George's Square. Gives the feeling of an older design building sitting in front of new ones. Kind of a nice contrast.

Lastly - part of my lunch memo for the day, from Groove Train.

Side note: Still working day....

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