Great Ocean Road!

By Cubie - December 20, 2010

My bad, I don't say it often enough but I am really grateful for my travel companion who took charge of the long drive, especially in such short weekend getaway. I really am. It was a beautiful sight. I know there are people who thinks Great Ocean Road is overated, but I think it is a beautiful place. Great Ocean Road is the home to the Twelve Apostles.

It is actually a rather long road leading up to the Twelve Apostles. There are 2 roads leading up to the famous limestone. One, of course is the scenic drive - Great Ocean Road. The other - is an inland road, faster but lack the ocean side view.

We took the Great Ocean Road to the Twelve Apostles but back to Melbourne via the inland route.

It's beautiful, isn't it? It is taken when we made a stop at one of the lookout.

Despite it is called the Great Ocean Road, there are some parts which are not exactly skimming along the coast line. Regardless, the view isn't bad either.

And yes, I was happy. Despite it was forecast as raining but look at the blue sky :)

Our destination? The Twelve Apostles, of course.

Side note: Wonder if Little P still wants to visit Great Ocean Road :P

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