Looking back in 2010

By Cubie - January 01, 2011

Alright... first day of the year and I decided in between watching some tv shows I shall hop on the bandwagon and try this reminiscing on the past year thingy.

January saw me flew back home to Malaysia after 1 1/2 years stepping on the soil of Australia, also someone bought me dinner on my birthday in Rockpool's Bar & Grill. This year? I'll be with a few hundreds (my guess thats how many people can fit in a flight) strangers on air.

Then come February, someone drove me to Hawkesbury River and spent the night at Swiss Grand Resort in Bondi Beach in a room with jacuzzi bath sipping Moet.

Watched my first basketball game live in March, it was a corporate games, but nonetheless... it was my first live match. :)

After coming to 2 years in Sydney, bought my first sofa in April. In fact, it was my very first sofa... from the cheapo area in Ikea. It was a display set so it was sold at a lower price. It was like a little Amazing Race getting the sofa but now it is at home. Also saw my very first rugby match. It is much entertaining live.

In May, saw my sister and I terrorizing Europe... fulfilling the pact we made many years ago.

Flew with Tigers Airways for the very first time in June and touching down at Terminal 4 in Melbourne Domestic Airport which look a little shocking to be a terminal.

Had a surprise package delivered to the office in July. It was the first time anybody ever done that for me. It was heart warming.

August, September and October saw me coping with dark days and trying to make myself out of the house.

Can't seem to find any photos in my folders for November, and the only thing I remember was attending Access 2007 basic training at the last day of November. How pathetic.

I learned that Santa could be real this Christmas... and make a travel on Boxing Day.

Side note: Skin is peeling and itchy :(

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