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By Cubie - December 29, 2010

Will try another approach on writing. Maybe I was trying to write too much, by segregating it into either each place or by day. Been blog hopping more actively lately as I was googling on the upcoming trip, anyway, thought I try writing it as "highlights" or summary.

It was at least 2 years staying in Sydney before venturing to Melbourne. No particular reason, and strange how things turned out. Right after that, I went to Melbourne on a business trip, and another business trip in September, making it twice in two weeks and thrice in 3 months.

Stayed in 3 different places each time but all in the City. A night's stroll somehow always bring me towards the direction of Flinders Street Station.

Maybe it looks exceptionally striking with the lights. Further down, nearer to the Southbank, stood the famous Crown. My colleague and I joked with boss if we could stay in Park Hyatt, or Crown. Apparently, we weren't that lucky.

A stroll through across the Crown, this view gives us a chance to play with the camera for a bit, with the aid of Gorillapod by Joby.

Walking away from Flinders Street Station, on the opposite direction, brought me to Federation Square. A funky looking building with cafes and restaurants in the central of the square. I was alone, and didn't sample food from there.

Further down, lies Chinatown in Melbourne. Longer compared to the one stretch of street in Sydney. Gave me the impression that the names of the restaurant there sounds more familiar compared to the one here. On a little lane in Chinatown - Market Lane, a cosy restaurant called Hu Tong can be found, famed for their xiao long bao. Speaking from experience, this place certainly needs reservation. I was turned away the first time I walked in blindly with a friend, but was lucky on my second visit. My colleagues and I shared a little joke about how we just called and strolled in with reservation the next day we flew into Melbourne, but someone in the office has been calling for the whole week and couldn't get through.

One of the most famous market in Melbourne - Queen Victoria Market.

Timing wasn't right on my first trip, and I actually woke up super early on a Saturday morning to hop by on my second trip. I don't know, it's famous and all, but I wasn't too excited with the visit. Though if you are magnet hunting, there is a stall that sells heaps and heaps of magnet, even those that states "Brisbane", "Perth", "Northern Territory"... no, I didnt get those. Decide that I will only buy it when I am really there, but it's an option.

Chapel Street - famed for shopping, but unfortunately I'm not too much of a shopaholic. It comes in season I suppose. However I'm getting better at it (I hope), not good news to the purse or bank account. Confession of a not-so-shopaholic here - I actually shops more here than when I was in Malaysia. Not the smartest choice I would say considering of the price of the things here. I digress.

Also, notice the tram. We don't have that in Sydney, though maybe the light rail is similar. My first ride of tram was to Port Melbourne where a couple of my colleagues are staying. I was told Spirit of Tasmania departs from Port Melbourne. Handy to know if you plan to travel to Tassie by sea :)

Side note: So, is this a better concise way to write compared to my lengthy, many posts per place thingy?

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