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By Cubie - December 15, 2010

After reading Little P's latest blog post, I thought it may be healthier for me to vent out instead of thought of what I want to blog in the brain. I must be unconsciously complained that I was bored too, or someone up there think my life needs to spice up more, decided to give me more things to exercise my lazy grey cells.

New boss's boss (or should I say boss's new boss) at work decides that current database in use it way too complicated and wants to give it a facelift. My dear old boss who build the database has left the section, hence no longer able to utilise his expertise.. and the job falls on me. How ironic it is when the last time I asked if I could go for a basic Access training, I was requested to justify for the request.

More to rant on the training - asked since March this year. It coincide with another training and boss said can't let too many people go off to training, but will let me go in April. Booked in for April, and they re-scheduled it to May, I was away in May... so there goes. June, July, all are scheduled during month end (what's this thing with Access training and month ends anyways). In the end, I emailed them to request if they could schedule one in the middle of the month. Viola, it worked and I was booked in for August training. Luck not on my side, it got cancelled due to not enough participation.

As now the work fall on my lap, boss had to send me to training even though it was on the last day of the month. Right after the basic Access training, I started on the database. I would say the training did help though not to the extend of creating a full fledge database but at least it gives the background and a good introduction. The other half comes from Google-the-Access-wiz.

As I wrote this, I have just finished the database. It is now for the boss approval. But the bad one is the phone. As I was busy doing the database, the phone out of the blue, decides to fall off wi-fi. Ummm.. iPhone without wifi is like birds which cannot fly? And yes, I'm addicted to the net, as you can see above how I mention about googling away while working on the first Access database. Of course you can argue the 3G still works.. but the 3G network which I'm using stupidly low in the bed room. *roll eyes*

Anyways, I started the blog yesterday when I was trying to restore the phone, reboot, switch on bluetooth, check wifi, switch off bluetooth, check wifi, reboot, reset network, reboot, check wifi again, reboot, restart, reset network. Alright.. you get the drill.

I know this rant is all over the place but then again my brain is a bit fried. So there... its time to get those hopefully yummy chocolate cheesecake brownie out of the oven :)

Side note: Christmas lunch tomorrow...

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