Merry Christmas!

By Cubie - December 27, 2010

Aren't the cupcakes cute? One of colleagues brought these adorable cupcakes for our Christmas lunch at work. I brought some cheesecake chocolate brownie, no pictures cos they were ugly. Lol.
[photo is a bit overexposed :( ]

Anyway, Merry Christmas! Hehe.. I know, it has passed. Grin. Can't be help when I went out to see the Christmas lights right on the night of 25th December. :P I reckon this tree is being recycle every Christmas, I have seen it 3 times already :P Hmm.. a bit like the tall purple Christmas tree in KLCC :P

My intention was to go to see the Lights of Christmas at St Mary's Cathedral but saw it on one of the building on my way there. Not good pictures, that's what happen when you are short and late :P

From there, I walked towards Town Hall, passing David Jones.

Every window has a different Christmas songs. It's one of the nicer Christmas decoration in department stores. It was only 8ish 9 on Christmas night but there were already people sitting outside David Jones, camping to be ready for the Boxing Day sales.

Last stop before taking the train home from Town Hall. From across the street, Lights of Christmas on St Andrew's Cathedral. I remember seeing the lights when walking passed last year. I guess it's an annual event.

So there... Christmas night in Sydney :)

Side note: Santa Claus is real... this year...

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  1. At least it is nicer than the lights on over here. :p

  2. i think Christmas deco in m'sia and sg is much nicer..