First trip to Melbourne - Alto on Bourke

By Cubie - December 17, 2010

After much contemplation, I decided to go ahead with writing a blog post on my first Melbourne trip half a year ago. Many things had happen from then to now and at one point, I had canned the idea of writing about it. Then again, I did have a great time and it was a memorable trip despite current circumstances... so here goes.

First flight with Tiger Airways, flew to Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne. When I booked the flight tickets, I didnt know of the reputation Tiger Airways had, also that the cheaper flight tickets via Jetstar is to Avalon Airport, also lesser flight.

We stayed in Alto Hotel on Bourke Street.

The room is not big but its pretty good, while shampoo, conditioner and body shampoo are placed in dispenser rather than by bottle.

By the time we checked in, it was already rather late. It was a long weekend trip - flew to Melbourne on a Friday night, back to Sydney on Monday evening.

Side note: I might feel unhappy sometimes but I am always grateful for all that you have done. :)

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