Welcome to Las Vegas

By Cubie - October 03, 2011

Vegas seriously gave the feel of what you see on TV, somewhere where you go and had fun. LOL. Somehow I got the impression people in States doesn't think much of Vegas, but I think it served as a good long weekend away place. Also somehow it feels like Genting Highlands, magnify it a few more times, but much hotter, cos I was there right smack at the end of summer. Like Genting Highlands, it could be alright for some people, but some people dislikes it.

We took a bus from McCarran Airport to the Stripe, there were a few different ones, just pick one. Approximate $7.00 one way, maybe be slightly cheaper if you purchase a return ticket. If I'm not wrong, you need to ring to inform on pick up time for the return leg. We only got one way. Another option is getting a cab. I stumbled upon this website when I was googling prior to the trip, it gives estimation of how much you need to pay for the cab, excluding traffic jam.

Here's how the Stripe look like during the day.

We stayed in Planet Hollywood, considered as midrange. Cheaper than Bellagio's, Caesar's Palace.

It was really hot during the day, bordering to 40 degrees celcius so we spent the day roaming inside Planet Hollywood, checking out Miracle Miles shop.

Bellagio, just like Ocean Eleven.

Check out the glass blown flowers at the reception area.

Inside Paris Las Vegas

A fountain at Caesar Palace.

Side note: Still can't get the service pack 2... *grumble*

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