Nevada: Hoover Dam

By Cubie - October 15, 2011

Las Vegas is a state in Nevada, United States. At the Hoover Dam area, I saw this sign "Welcome to Nevada, The Silver State". According to our tour guide to Grand Canyon, Silver is one of the top economy source of Nevada. From Wikipedia, Nevada is officially known as the "Silver State" due to its importance of silver to its history and economy.

Back to why I said tour guide, opposed to usual transportation between states in United States, we didn't drive. If you know me well enough, you would've known the fact that I ride motorcycle better than I drive, due to lack of practice on the latter. Though of course, if need be, I could. Anyway, after considering time and convenience factor, we decided to take a day tour to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. After checking out some websites, we placed a reservation on the Grand Canyon Sunset Tours with Grand-Adventures Tour, priced at $150 per person. We got a 5% discount with discount code obtained from their page in Facebook. I like it as it was a very small tour group, only 8 of us. 6 others were married couples.

The price included breakfast and gourmet sandwich for lunch. Breakfast was McDonalds', whichever meal you want. By the way, do you know that they even serve oats in McDonalds'? Well, they do, in the States. Here's the proof. Taste wise, not bad oh.

Ok. I digress. Back to Hoover Dam. I've done some reading, Hoover Dam was previously known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch in the Black Canyon of Colorado River, on the border between Arizona and Nevada. The dam's generators provide power for Nevada, Arizona and California.

We did not go down to the dam itself, but view it from a bridge - The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. This bridge was the first concret-steel bridge built in the United States and opened on 19th October, 2010, linking Nevada with Arizona. This bridge is located about 30 miles (48 km) southeast of Las Vegas. It was built as part of the Hoover Dam Bypass Project.

Here's the dam from above...

... and if it looked like a hot day to you. Believe me, it was seriously hot, after all, it was desert. It doesn't help that I was in jeans, this being I only brought along a shorts and a khaki pants. As we were unsure if we need to do some trekking and climbing, so canned the idea of wearing shorts. As for the khaki pants, that was the remaining fresh clean pants, not entirely wanting to wear that to a dusty place. By the end of the day, I couldn't wait to peel off the jeans and had a hot spring bath. LOL, of course, there wasn't any hot spring anywhere. That was wishful thinking.

Side note: A few blinks and Saturday is gone :(

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  1. Ooh that is where Megatron was kept... ha ha ha

  2. err.. i didn't know... Must re-watch Transformers :P

  3. I came here in the 70s and I'm still in awe at the beauty of the natural landscape and the history of the Hoover dam. Awesome!

  4. yup.. it's beautiful place :)