Las Vegas: Lunch Buffet in Bellagio

By Cubie - October 07, 2011

According to our guide to Grand Canyon (that's for another post), one of the top 3 buffet in Las Vegas is Bellagio's. I actually stumbled upon Bellago's buffet on a blog and my friend also suggested about having lunch there. So there... we were there before heard about it from the tour guide. Cost: $21.50 including tax per person.

My friend went to get our first round of food, but she was nice enough to bring back some Asian food to share - a good share of cocktail prawns, fried noodles, veges. I didn't take a pic on that. Then, it was my turn. Um... in total.. I had 3 servings, excluding desserts.

Roast beef, mussel, salmon, chicken, mushrooms and some wrap looking thing has cheese filling. All were good except the wrap looking thingy but the winner were the mushrooms :p

Beef slider (unfortunately not nice), some beriyani with chicken and potato, pasta in pesto sauce, veges (trying to include some greens in my fattening diet)

And here's some of what was on offer... of course, there were more...

Choices of pasta - I like the pesto
Healthy wraps
Yummy seafood

Pizzas selection
Here comes the dessert, pretty little things... I think I unconsciously took more pictures of the desserts than those main meals :P

I had a couple of the sweets :P

A yummy chocolate eclair with chocolate filling
Napolean cake
Somehow buffet lunch is much cheaper than our dinner meal. Hmm...

Side note: Melancholy Friday...

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  1. I just realize, is this the place where Ocean and his team rob the casino?